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Advanced Maths Group Limited was founded in 2021 with the purpose of providing mock exam and topic test resources to IB schools offering the Diploma Programme.

Mock exams and topic tests are important for two reasons:

  1. Summative: to provide accurate information to assist in providing predicted grades, which in turn aid Universities in making informed choices about acceptance.
  2. Formative: to provide students with feedback on curriculum areas, learning objectives and assessment objectives that they need to work on prior to the final examinations; and to provide teachers with information on how they can help their students.

For both these reasons, it is important that mock exams and topic tests provide authentic information.

At AMG, we want schools to have easy access to original content mock exams and topic tests to take away the stress of reinventing the wheel for every assessment, and to remove concerns over whether students have seen it before and are just regurgitating work from past papers without engaging with the assessment.

Why we only sell to IB schools

The purpose of a mock exam or topic test is to assess a student’s ability to solve IB exam level questions under exam conditions with a time limit. It is important that the content of these mock exams and topic tests is unfamiliar to the student. This is to ensure that the information teachers receive, and the feedback students gain, is authentic.

We only sell to IB schools to ensure that the content of these original mock exams and topic tests is not seen by students prior to their school distributing it. We don’t sell to students or tutoring companies. For this reason, we ask that members do not share content outside of their own school. Our mock exams and topic tests are under copyright and their use is subject to the terms and conditions described on this website.

About Clem

After teaching for 18 years in schools around the world, including the IB maths curriculum for six years, Clem saw the need to create a suite of original mock exams and topic tests to help teachers prepare their students for the IB maths exams each year.

He realised that teachers and students need original questions to give them proper feedback on student progress. Past papers, being in the public domain, don’t achieve this. With so many demands on teachers’ time and their need to focus on student progress, writing their own original exams and topic tests is far too time consuming. Clem has established AMG to make it easier for teachers and schools to provide original content IB maths mock exams and topic tests every year for their students.

In 2021, having returned home to New Zealand after 12 years abroad, Clem completed a Masters Degree in Education while starting up AMG. He then started working for Revision Village as a Mathematics Filmer, where he is now Head of IB Mathematics Content. Clem is also an Examiner for the IB.

Based on their lifestyle block in rural New Zealand, Clem and his wife Mandy are learning the ropes of off-grid living and have plenty of room for their six cats (all rescues). One of them – Harry – even inspired our logo. They will all be making regular, unpaid appearances on the AMG Facebook page! An avid Liverpool fan since 1988, Clem fulfilled a dream by visiting Anfield in 2019, but still dreams of seeing Liverpool play live one day.


2021 – Massey University – MEd (Teaching & Learning)

2013 – Massey University – PGDip (Education)

2003 – Auckland College of Education – GradDip (Secondary Teaching)

2000 – Massey University – BSc (Mathematics)


2022 – Present

Head of IB Mathematics Content for Revision Village
Mathematics Filmer for Revision Village
IB Diploma Examiner

2018 – 2021

Head of Mathematics Faculty at Raha International School, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
(IB World School)
Analysis and Approaches SL & HL
Applications and Interpretation SL & HL
DP Mathematics HL

2015 – 2018

Maths Teacher at Raha International School, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
(IB World School)
DP Mathematics SL
DP Mathematical Studies SL
MYP Mathematics Years 1-5

2013 – 2015

Mathematics Advisor at various state schools for Abu Dhabi Education Council.

2012 – 2013

Partnership Teacher/Mathematics Advisor for grades 11-12 at Nazarbayev Intellectual School for Physics and Mathematics, Kokshetau, Kazakhstan.
Curriculum: CIE Kazakh Mathematics curriculum

2009 – 2012

Partnership Teacher/Mathematics Advisor at various state schools in Abu Dhabi for Cognition Education.
Curriculum: UAE National Curriculum (grades 10-12)

2004 – 2008

Maths Teacher for years 9-13 at St Peters College, Auckland.
CIE AS and A Levels (Papers 1, 3, 6 and 7)
NCEA Scholarship Calculus & Statistics
NCEA Level 3 Calculus & Statistics
NCEA Level 2 Mathematics & Statistics
NCEA Level 1 Mathematics & Statistics
NZ curriculum years 9&10
Contact teacher for students taking university maths courses

years experience

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